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Inner Gardens

 health, harmony and happiness bewerking....


Listening to the landscape

Inner Gardens is founded by Dineke Huizenga. It collaborates with residents, artists and academics to support or co-create sustainable, ecologically sound, healthy environments and light-hearted communities. There are three pillars: innate wisdom and listening to nature/ the landscape, nature-based designs and biodiversity, circles of sustainability and eco-governance.    

With ease

Inner Gardens offers professional surveys, mappings and designs or easy DIY advice for more energetically aligned gardens and estates. 

In collaboration with the residents a desgin is based on a collaboration with nature. A design realigns our natural habitat and ensures a healthy, happy and prosperous home, for now and the future.  

Our offer

Listening to the people

Natural coherence

A well-designed garden, estate or neighbourhood is in alignment with its natural habitat and coherence. It offers an intrinsic sense of peace which vitalises, creates beauty, health, harmony and happiness. 

In alignment with the location and its inhabitants, biophilia can be used on request. It is a name for design principles found in all of nature. It invites for the deepest innate alginment, sense of interbeing and interconnectedness with nature. 

It is often used for healing and community gardens.    

Meer informatie

Listening to the future: birds, bees and butterflies in 'ature inclusive' cities...!


Inner Gardens is a non-profit organisation. It offers 

  • private design sessions and joyous explorations to connect to (our innate) nature and immediate surroundings. 

  • indepth advice, surveys and garden designs which are based on a changing/evolving natural landscape; a so called 'nature-inclusive' design.

  • informed nature inclusive community building in streets, playgrounds and inner gardens, based on the latest research.