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Inner Gardens

co-creating with nature bewerking....


Deep listening

Inner Gardens is founded by Dineke Huizenga. It is based on observing and deep listening to (our innate) nature, the landscape and what wants to arise. This may result in a.o. ecological gardens designs, nature and culture projects in collaboration with owners, residents, communities, artists and academics. 

Private gardens and estates

We sense into gardens and estates, advise, design and co-create an ecological design which enhances the well-being of all its inhabitants, now and in the future. It always based on recent (energetic) research and the current development of the landscape (a.o. due to climate change).

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Healthy, harmonizing and rebalanced gardens

Community Gardens

A well-designed garden is a healthy, harmonizing and rebalanced garden. Garden design can be based on biophilia: innate design principles found in all nature. It creates more beauty, joy, interconnectedness and biodiversity, now and in the future.  

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Co-creating healthy, beautiful and inspiring cities

The Inner Garden Project

The Inner Garden Project is a foundation which offers information, workshops and meetings for young and old. It stimulates our observance and connection with nature, activates our innate wisdom. It creates  playful events and offers tools for amongst others creative and communal  design for playgrounds, streets and gardens.     

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